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Godiva chocolate E-Gift Cards

Godiva offers an exceptional range of luxury Belgian chocolate gifts.
You wonder what to select? You want your family, friends, colleagues and business partners to choose their favorite chocolate? Or you want them to taste the delicious world of Godiva's crafted chocolates during an entire year?
Godiva's chocolate e-gift cards is the easiest way to indulge them in the ultimate chocolate experience or to create long lasting chocolate memories over the year.

E-gift Card only available for 12 months on Godiva Online Store

   Chocolate E-Gift Cards

E-gift Card 30 euro E-gift Card 30 pound E-gift Card 30 dollar E-gift Card 50 euro E-gift Card 50 pound E-gift Card 50 dollar E-gift Card 70 euro E-gift Card 70 pound E-gift Card 70 dollar E-gift Card 100 euro E-gift Card 100 pound E-gift Card 100 dollar