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Carefully selected by our Godiva Chef chocolatier Jean Apostolou, these excitingly new, delicately decorated chocolates will create a sensational experience on the palate. Be surprised, get excited, dance, have fun and feel the passion of the Chocolate Carnival Gold Collection.

Our carnival-inspired collection celebrates all the energy and vivacity of an exhilarating carnival, with some of our most daring flavour profiles ever: Popping Candy, Mango, Gianduja and Salted Caramel, to name but a few.

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Exciting Mint Exciting Mint


To reproduce the world Carnival’s excitement, Godiva’s chef thought of an unexpected recipe. The freshness of the mint and smoothness of the white chocolate mousse contrast wonderfully with the crunchiness of the dark chocolate shell and is sure to excite your palate!

Fun popping candy Fun popping candy


Inspired by the worlds Carnivals’ explosion of joy, Chef Jean has crafted the funniest chocolate piece. Feel the fireworks bursting inside your mouth with this popping candy milk chocolate mousse enclosed in a milk chocolate shell. This sparkling taste sensation will bring a smile on everyone’s face!

Passionate mango Passionate mango


To convey the conviviality and warmth of people gathering together, Chef Jean has dreamt of an exotic recipe. This white chocolate mango ganache in a smooth milk chocolate shell is lifted up with a hint of chili pepper flavour and delivers a warm taste sensation. You will passionately fall in love with this recipe!

Dancing salted caramel Dancing salted caramel


What would Carnival be without its parades, dance, singing and music? To recreate the hustle and bustle, Chef Jean was inspired by the movement and fluidity of the smooth salted caramel. The caramel is paired with a dark chocolate ganache, all covered in a dark chocolate shell. Decorated with a cute dancing character, this lovely piece will make your taste buds dance!

Surprising hazelnut Surprising hazelnut


What would you expect to find under this white chocolate shell and surprising pink dot? Certainly not this delightful Gianduja nut milk chocolate enriched with crunchy hazelnut pieces in a silky white chocolate shell. This beautiful new chocolate has been delicately crafted to surprise you!

“These chocolate innovations reflect the conviviality of Carnival Celebrations world wide; fireworks, people gathering, warm atmospheres and lots of joy.”

- Chef Jean Apostolou -

Let the carnival celebration begin!