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Cube Truffles

Godiva's divine new Cube Truffles is an indulgent, multi-layered taste experience chocolate connoisseurs will adore.

Inspired by the contrast between the soft, sensual qualities of premium chocolate and the multi-layered, angular precision of a cube; the new collections are a display of Godiva's finely tuned chocolate mastery.

Chocolate lovers can discover surprising textures and shapes, beautiful ingredients and layers of flavour that are all there to be unfurled and devoured.

cube-truffel cube-truffel
cube-truffel cube-truffel
cube-truffel cube-truffel
cube-truffel cube-truffel

The tradition of crafting exceptional Belgian truffles is in Godiva’s DNA. This expertise is the foundation of Cube Truffles, but expanded by playing with exciting new tastes, shapes and textures.

cube-truffels-joseph cube-truffels-joseph

Godiva's truffles have axemplified the chocolatier's culinary art and experise since the brands inception in

cube-truffels cube-truffels

“My ultimate goal was to satisfy every chocolate lovers’ desire. Whether you prefer fruit, nut, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, or tea, there is a piece in Cube Truffles to tantalise your taste buds!”

Ilse Wilmots, Chef Chocolatier

Chef Ilse Wilmots, the master chocolatier behind Cube Truffles, blended Godiva's proud heritage with her own passion and creativity in the exquisite new collection

The result is a thrilling taste experience that ignites the senses with every bite. The divine new truffles boast four layers of delicious flavours and surprising textures. Each of the cube-shaped morsels is filled with a melt-in-your-mouth, dual-layered ganache or praline filling and enrobed in a crisp chocolate shell and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder, a sprinkle of chocolate, or crunchy nut shavings.

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The collection


Deliciate and fruity, our blackcurrant jam is perfectly balanced by a sweet blackcurrant mousse and a luscious milk chocolate shell decorated with a mix of powdered and crystal sugar.

Caramel Salé

Our unique salted dark chocolate caramel is balanced by a smooth caramel and enrobed in a dark and milk chocolate shell, delicately topped with small, crispy milk splitters.

Amande Marcona

A delightful almond mousse is associated with our divine almond praliné, wonderfully balanced by a rich, dark chocolate shell and crispy, dark chocolate splitters.


Unique and delicate, our decadent 72% dark chocolate ganache is combined with an intense 72% dark chocolate mousse and encased in a dark chocolate shell, delicately decorated with dark chocolate flakes.


Our exquisite milk chocolate ganache and soft milk chocolate mousse are encased in a creamy milk chocolate shell decorated with savoury milk chocolate flakes.


An exceptionally creamy dark chocolate vanilla ganache and a soft white chocolate vanilla mousse are surrounded by a rich dark chocolate shell, deliciously rolled in white and dark chocolate flakes.


Our signature hazelnut praline is combined with a luscious hazelnut mousse, encased in a creamy milk chocolate shell, beautifully sprinkled with tasty cocoa powder.


A delicious raspberry jam is balanced by a soft raspberry-flavoured mousse and a rich, crisp dark chocolate shell topped with delicate raspberry flakes for an intense tasting experience.


An alluringly smooth matcha ganache is associated with a soft matcha mousse, surrounded by a delicate milk chocolate shell, subtly covered in matcha powder to intensify the flavor.