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The Lady GODIVA Initiative

More than 1,000 years ago, Lady Godiva embarked on her legendary equestrian mission and led the way to empower the people of her community. In doing so, she paved a path that GODIVA continues to walk today – a path that leads to a world where we are all appreciated and valued for our inherent worth.

To honour this legacy, GODIVA has dedicated our organisation toward empowering women around the world through The Lady GODIVA Initiative. As part of this commitment, we recognise and reward non-government organisations (NGOs) and non-profits doing innovative and meaningful work in their communities to create equality for women.

  1. World

    Each year, GODIVA will award a select group of organisations around the globe that are working to empower women. Each organisation will receive a monetary grant to assist in furthering their inspirational work as well as the priceless gift of the global visibility and engagement of our global GODIVA community.

  2. Voting

    After an initial vetting process by the Social Impact Team, GODIVA’s chocolatiers (employees) cast their vote to help choose which organisations will be awarded and receive the donation. As our organisation strives to spread joy and wonder through individual and community actions, GODIVA strongly supports the idea of this being a truly employee driven programme where our chocolatiers have the final say in partnership with one another.

  3. diversity

    At GODIVA, we are dedicated to fostering a culture that champions diversity, equity and inclusion and promises to open people’s eyes to a more wonderful world. The Lady GODIVA Initiative is an important component of this commitment as we seek to build a better tomorrow.

2021 Winners of The Lady GODIVA Initiative




Offers a place where every woman with a diverse cultural background can develop into an entrepreneur or grow in her entrepreneurial skills. #SheDIDIT offers a unique platform for talent across ethnic-cultural backgrounds. Spotlighting women who have recently immigrated to the country or are from a family who did are supported through helping them realise their projects or ideas and collecting their expertise in an online talent pool.

The organization services women who were born and raised in Belgium as well as those who have recently been welcomed to the country who are aspiring entrepreneurs, young potentials, and emerging talents.

Visit #SheDIDIT



Up With Women

A growing charitable organisation dedicated to helping recently homeless and at-risk women build sustainable, prosperous careers and businesses with the aim of identifying a permanent pathway out of poverty. The goal of their proven programme is to positively impact more than 1,000 lives over the next three years.

Visit Up With Women



China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF)

A national public foundation that was established by the All-China Women's Federation in December 1988. CWDF raises funds within China and other countries and regions to safeguard women's rights and interests, improve a woman's quality of life, and promote the development of female led causes in China, to help build a more harmonious society.

Visit China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF)



Against Violence & Abuse (AVA)

A groundbreaking, independent charity working across the UK to end gender-based violence by championing evidence-based change. AVA strives to improve services for survivors through their learning, resources, consultancy and to end violence against women and girls through policy, research, and prevention.

Visit AVA: Against Violence & Abuse



Hot Bread Kitchen

An organisation focused on creating economic opportunity through careers in food.

Hot Bread Kitchen focuses on upward mobility for individuals impacted by gender, racial, social and/or economic inequality in New York City, using the vibrant potential of the food industry as a pathway forward. Hot Bread Kitchen seeks to expand skills, connections, and life-changing opportunities for talented women and small businesses.

Visit Hot Bread Kitchen